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I really like your 'soft style' approach to this !(their face is so cute I wanna squish it) I really like how you've drawn the paws, cl...

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i wanna get better by SilkySnivyArt i wanna get better :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 1 Loki Shepard // ufohouse by SilkySnivyArt Loki Shepard // ufohouse :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 2 Elemental Adoptables // open (bid) by SilkySnivyArt Elemental Adoptables // open (bid) :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 4 i blame Erik by SilkySnivyArt i blame Erik :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 3 2 this is not what i ordered by SilkySnivyArt this is not what i ordered :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 7 Art Trade WIP by SilkySnivyArt Art Trade WIP :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 6 5 Nyeh by SilkySnivyArt Nyeh :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 3 15 Catsushi by SilkySnivyArt Catsushi :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 3 3 Ref by SilkySnivyArt Ref :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 1 3 Only slightly demonic by SilkySnivyArt Only slightly demonic :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 4 4 Art Request by SilkySnivyArt Art Request :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 0 3 Ufohouse- Gift/Fanart by SilkySnivyArt Ufohouse- Gift/Fanart :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 8 knew it by SilkySnivyArt knew it :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 7 Wip 2 by SilkySnivyArt Wip 2 :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 2 8 Milo Ref by SilkySnivyArt Milo Ref :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 0 6 hold tight by SilkySnivyArt hold tight :iconsilkysnivyart:SilkySnivyArt 1 3


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i wanna get better
Another ref!! It was originally for a friend, but I'm not sure if they still want it.  

I feel much better today, knowing I have other people to turn and talk to about my issues. It means a lot, and I've been super impulsive with my vents, posting them and not thinking how they might affect other people. I didn't know people cared that much about me. Thank you, everyone. It means a lot to me.  

If Only


My lungs scream for air. My mouth wants to scream. My eyes stare into nothingness like crystal balls. They wail and sting as if they had been in a staring contest with the sun. The tears bubbled in their sockets, forced back by the cruel tyrant of self-restraint. Everyone will see me cry, my mind told itself as I shuddered and slouched in my seat. I heard the droning of the beast somewhere very distant even though she was a mere few feet away with it’s usually booming voice. She hates me, it hates me. My nails dug deep into my skin to distract myself from the mental pain. It’s all in your head everyone had told me. You’ll get better They said. I wasn’t going to get better as long as I was here. This place is a prison. I wanted to run, I needed to run.

Abruptly, the class started laughing hysterically.

My head snapped out of its nightmaric trance. I didn’t know what had been so funny, but I was aware of the tear that had fallen down my cheek. That’s one more mistake that’s fallen from my eyes. If only I could control my tears, like everyone else. If only…

I caught the gaze of the creature and my heart sunk like an anchor. She looked straight into my eyes. I held my breath. I was doomed.

I stared with cold fear for what felt like millennia before she looked away, saying nothing.

Was she really heartless enough to look at the face of one of her red-faced students and to see the scars of their mental war against tears and say nothing? I longed for a tissue. I longed for the bell. I longed for this hell to finally be over. All I wanted was to step out of my penitentiary and into the fresh air to the sites of children sitting laughing and talking happily and I’d be free of this melancholy. Each and every moment dragged on forever, each more painful than the last. My vision was clouded with moisture every second I was here. I turned my head to the people sitting either side who seemed brain dead and oblivious, emotionless.

The individuals who called me a crybaby for forgetting homework had no idea how much every little mistake built up on me. If only they knew.

Loki Shepard // ufohouse
For ufo!! Another peice of trash for them… Speedpaint!

A gift i guess, I just really wanted to draw their character. Loki's adorable

I also wanted to try a more western style...


I'm a bit meh this, but I guess it's sunday night at like 9pm so it'll pass

have a good night/morning where ever you are.
I really like your 'soft style' approach to this !(their face is so cute I wanna squish it) I really like how you've drawn the paws, clothes and fur! The eyes are beautiful too. The anatomy is a little off but not that noticeable. I'm also not 100% on the shading (it's more that I don't really like that kind of shading but that's just me so..) Anyways great overall! Sorry if this isn't fair, it's my first critique! I've also never watched or played NITW so... yeh.

I dont feel like typing a long critique so yeh im just trynna stretch it out here so it gets past the minimum andyways love your work keep drawing what you like :) bye
Elemental Adoptables // open (bid)
The first batch of adoptable's!! I'm kinda nervous about it, I'm really not sure if people are willing to spend points on these. I put tonnes of work and effort into them though, and I was gonna scrap them but Kookiekat said she really liked them, so I kept working on them!! 

Of course, if you want one just comment or not me on the amount your willing to pay (even if you don't have points, just tell me how much you'd actually pay for these if you did!) as well as the number of the character you are bidding for!!

I'm not really gonna do mi, sb or ab, chances are if you bid you'll get the character. I just want to see what people will pay for my characters.

- One character per person!
- Only points for this one, please!
- If you get the character, you can change the design or colours slightly if you want!! It's yours after all. I wouldn't change it drastically tho then what would be the point of buying it?
- You can use this OC in any way you want, just don't claim it as your own and give credit to me when you use it!

I really hope I these three can get some nice homes :)))


SilkySnivyArt's Profile Picture
Heyo! I'm a 12 year old Hobbyist artist. I specialise in cats and dragons and draw humans, furries and anthros. I'm an Australian (Aussie Aussie AUSSIE!!) and I love sushi, cats and chickens.

Check out my Youtubes!! =>……


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